To make a gem essence you will need :-

1. A crystal of your choice with which ever method you find most appropriate. Cleanse the crystal, and if it is a quartz then dedicate it.

2. A bottle of mineral water or distilled water.

3. A clear glass container. If coloured glass container is used then the essence of the colour will be imbued into the final product.

4. Sterilising fluid.

5. Preservative, citricidal, brandy, any favoured alcohol or vinegar.

6. Mother glass bottle, 100ml, with screw top lid.

Stock glass bottle, 50ml, with screw top lid.

Dosage glass bottle, 10ml, with pipette.

Atomiser rad 140 before and after bottle.

7. 3 quartz points.

8. Muslin, labels and a funnel.

Method :-

1. Sterilise equipment for 3 hours.

2. Meditate to find a still calm space.

3. Choose crystal(s). Program or dedicate with intent.

4. Place in glass container and cover with water until the crystal(s) are submerged.

5. If using the indirect method, place crystal in a bowl, then the bowl into a larger bowl with water in. Make sure the crystal does not touch the water.

6. Cover the bowl(s) with muslin

7. Place in a chosen sacred place.

8. Place three quartz points around the glass bowl, to charge the essence.