One of the most popular sports of today is football. Undeniably, a lot of people are going gaga over football and its many star athletes. That is why there is a growing fan base for football athletes nowadays.

You’re a huge football fan and you wanted to create your very own authentic football autograph collection of your favorite star. So how do you get started?

Autograph collecting is not as difficult as it may seem, you can easily start a football autograph collection if you know how to obtain the autograph, where and when you can get them. In this article, I will help you build your collection easily.

Start building your collection by first knowing who you want to follow, what team does he belong to, and places he often hang out. By knowing the basic information regarding your idol football artist gives you a head start on your collection. You must also know what medium to use for your collection. There is a wide array of media to use for your football autograph gathering; you can wish to have it on card, photograph, cap, shirt, mug, etc. When you have determined which medium you’d want to use, the next step is to determine where to get an authentic football autograph.

Once you have determined whose autograph you want to gather and what medium to use, the next step would be the actual autograph getting. You can start by attending football games. The best way to catch your idol’s autograph would be to wait for them after the บาคาร่า game, usually an autograph signing session is allowed after a particular match, so be on the watch for these events. Check the official fan site of your favorite football player or team online and take note of their schedules, following closely their games and the particular location where they will be gives you a chance to obtain their respective autographs.

Attend official fan events. Events like these have a great potential for autograph collection. You can be in close contact with your favorite stars on events like this. Be bold and approach your favorite football player and politely ask for his autograph if you have the opportunity. So be sure to have the best pen around, and your pad, photo or memorabilia at hand just in case you come near a potential icon who you may ask for an autograph.

Your goal is always to be prepared for occasions where your favorite football star may be around. Always have your autograph paraphernalia ready. You don’t know when exactly you’ll be bumping on a prestigious football player! So be ready at all times. You can have a backpack handy that contains stuff where you might have the autograph of your favorite star. There’s no substitute to readiness in circumstances like this. You need to be crafty, resourceful, and be ready at all times.