For all Europeans, the UEFA European Championship is the largest Football tournament for two years – since the last FIFA World cup. Often known simply as Euros 2008 or Euro 2008. This year’s tournament will be co-hosted in Austria and Switzerland. Both countries are steeped in culture and interest and will prove themselves as idyllic settings for the forthcoming football matches to be played.

Some countries face disappointment this year as they failed to qualify but for those countries who have made it to the Euro 2008, anticipation is mounting as we draw closer to the event. Co- host’s Switzerland vs dark horses Czech Republic will kick off the tournament, playing at Basel’s St. JAKOB-PARK stadium (Capacity 42,500). The other Match, played the same day, will be between Portugal and Turkey in Geneva’s upgraded STADE-DE-GENÈVE (Capacity 30,000).

It’s difficult to pick a clear favourite this year but the usual suspeufabet เว็บแทงบอลมือถือ ERNST-HAPPEL STADION (Capacity 50,000) on the 29th June 2008. Amongst the most likely will be current World Champions Italy, the much fancied France and the perennial underachievers Spain. Also no doubt Germany will confound the critics once again and get at least as far as the Semi’s. My tip for Euro 2008 is Portugal who have looked strong in the last two major international tournaments and will be wanting to avenge their Semi Final defeat against Greece in Euro 2004 when they were the host’s.

For your general interest the Groups for this year are as follows:

Group A – Switzerland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Turkey