The human race exists in a dilemma as a result of its own modernization. According to the Darwinian theory of Natural Selection, those who have adapted to their environments pass on their genes because those adaptations have allowed them to live long enough to reproduce. For example, it was advantageous for our ancestors to eat whenever there was food available because food was never a sure thing. This behavior has passed on through the generations to the present day. However, in a world evolving more technologically than biologically, we are predisposed to feel out of place.

Just as we have solidified the skills necessary for our hunter-gatherer ancestors to survive in their harsh climate, our society has evolved to make those skills unnecessary by making food ubiquitous to those who can afford it. The result? A compulsion to eat as much as you can when there’s more food available than can possibly fit in your fridge.

Luckily, the growth of food accessibility in a world run by technology has also experienced a growth in several other fields. Because it is so difficult to erase thousands of years of inheritance, human intelligence and cooperation has led to the development of diet pills like Lipodrene, Adipex, and Phentermine. Thanks to this technological innovation, the populations that chug food like precious air are able to combat their own biological instincts with another piece of technology.

Diet pills reduce hunger by interfering with metabolic pathways that increase hunger, which prompts eating and thus weight gain. When you are not hungry, you do not eat. Therefore you eat less, which means you gain less weight. Eventually, you will burn the calories you have already put on because you are not consuming enough to use as storage, and you will see your waistline over the counter phentermine pills shrink as time rolls along.

This is extremely advantageous in a world where productivity is essential to life. It is difficult to find the time to exercise in your busy schedule, so a diet pill, taken briskly with the meals you already consume, will save time while you combat your ancestor’s desire to eat as much as necessary. A problem created by technology can be solved just as effectively with technology, and the success of human cooperation in science is exemplified by this biological attack on fat. Diet pills are essential to the victims of evolutionary cruelty who are just trying to extend their lifelines without extending their waistlines.